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Newmarket Road Runners (NRR) was founded by three runners with a contagious passion for the sport – Mark Sykes, Marlene Sykes and Andy Horton - veterans of over 50 marathons and countless other races, these three have coached many runners to incredible achievements, whether it be completing their first 5k, shattering a personal best or qualifying for Boston and they want do the same for you! Their infectious enthusiasm combined with formal coaching training, years of experience and an insatiable thirst for knowledge in the field of sports science makes them a perfect match for runners of all levels and abilities looking to benefit from the added accountability and structure that a formal program provides. We know that you will immediately feel the energising difference that NRR Online Coaching provides with its deep engagement and continuous insightful feedback. We can’t wait start working with you so what are you waiting for?

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NRR Online Coaching offers custom training plans and full coaching services at a fraction of the cost of comparable organizations. We believe that high quality training options should be accessible for all runners and are pleased to provide tailored coaching for all ability levels and at a very affordable rate. Accessibility also dictates our approach to coaching whereby we maintain open lines of communication and one-on-one contact with our athletes. Our coaches are highly attentive with guaranteed response times. 1-on-1 coaching provides close monitoring of your training with constant feedback and adjustments as needed. All clients will have access to our coaches for questions and guidance for the duration of the program. We do not believe in any magic or one-size-fits-all training. We treat each athlete as an individual and will find the best approach that works for you.

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NRR prides itself on its ability to relate to runners at all levels and from all backgrounds. We are a dedicated team of real-world runners of varying abilities. We work with those that need a shove off the couch to those repeatedly qualifying for Boston or winning road races and everyone in-between.


We are dedicated students of exercise physiology and training techniques, nutrition and sports psychology.   We are passionate about what we do and we delight in passing that passion on to our clients, we are invigorated by our success stories and the life – changing achievements of our clients. We are motivated by your success above anything else. No matter what level you are running at or whatever your goals we can relate to you, accommodate you and can’t wait to work with you!



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